A mandolin band at Irwell in the 1930's

from "Growing Up In New Zealand 1925-1950"
by Dorothy Hunt , editor of NZine

Adelaide began her schooldays at Irwell School. She remembers the discipline as being very strict....

A highlight of Adelaide's schooldays was being a member of a mandolin band...

"The teacher, Mr Saunders, said that he would give pupils free tuition if their parents would buy the instruments. The teacher at nearby Doyleston School had a concert party and the mandolin band would join in. We even played on the radio at station 3YA. I was very sorry when Mr Saunders left as that meant the end of the Irwell band."

The Irwell mandolin band
Photo source Adelaide Page (née Wise)

Note: Irwell is a small village near Leeston, near Christchurch, New Zealand.

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