History of Auckland Mandolinata Orchestra
By John & Lynn Flameling

Johan B Kok, a Dutch mandolin pioneer
By Alex Timmermann

The Mandolin
by Ted Smith

A mandolin band at Irwell in the 1930's
from "Growing Up In NZ 1925-1950" by Dorothy Hunt (NZine)

Mandolin groups in Wellington, early 1900s
Miscellaneous sources

Mandolinata in Germany and the Netherlands
by Shona Caughey

Tzinakis Orchestra
Compiled from info provided by Shona Caughey & Ted Smith

Balkan Folk Orchestra
Based on notes by Ted Smith

Sydney International Festival 2008
by Barbara Hawthorn

Shona's recollection of playing with Tzinakis, Korobushka,
Balkan Folk Orchestra and Mandolinata

by Shona Caughey

My story of playing the mandolin
by Jack Shore

Mandolin by P Ilstedt (1861-1933)

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