Mandolin music can evoke the full range of feelings that people experience. From cheerful dance tunes to sad yearnings for lost love of friends and family, the mandolin expresses the highs and lows of life.

It is the tremolo on the strings that imparts a prolonged note that provides the family of plucked musical instruments its unique sound. Tremolo is a rapid even fluttering of the pick over the strings. The sound produced by this technique can evoke rippling streams, rustling leaves and the calls of birds as well as the emotions associated with nature. Single notes are plucked from the mandolin to contrast and provide sensations of stronger feelings. Other techniques of playing can also be employed to produce different timbres and effects.

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Picasso's Mandoline et guitare (1924)
FAME International Festival 1993 in Melbourne.

The orchestra's broad repertoire ranges from folk and traditional music of Europe, Northern and Eastern European cultures, classical and semi-classical, easy-listening, contemporary American, Latin and South American, as well as some Asian music.

Most of the music is arranged by members of the orchestra, some is commissioned or arranged specially for the orchestra, and some obtained through music exchange with other orchestras.